Monthly Archives: September 2017

Open for Dancing is a Wrap!

Redoubt 7568

Mary Sheldon Scott’s “Prelude/Circle/Passage” at Fort Adams’ recently uncovered Redoubt. photo: Thomas Palmer

We had a blast coordinating Island Moving Company’s 2017 Open for Dancing site-specific festival in Newport, RI. Thanks to choreographers Thom Dancy, Teresa Fellion, Mary Sheldon Scott, the artist-collaborators, all the participants, volunteers, site hosts, and IMC staff for making such a memorable and slightly insane week possible! (And thanks to Mother Nature for letting out the sun for the shows, after three days of rehearsing in a Tropical Storm!)

And thanks for this fantastic feedback from Dominique Alfandre, Executive Director of IMC:Ā I want to thank you for the absolutely invaluable work you did… Using your skills in improvisation and your fearless aplomb, you [made] an entire festival out of conjecture and flexibility and a great sense or humor. All of us were consistently delighted and reassured by your cheerful ability to wrangle artists, charm helpers and conquer hurricanes.

Welcome to Susan Tesch!

We’re excited to be working with Susan Tesch on building a new website for her psychotherapy practice. Totally fun and fascinating to be learning more about the specific needs of outreaching to existing and potential clients, while bringing in Susan’s unique flair. Can’t wait to share the results!