What We’ve Done

We’ve been lucky to work on some very cool projects with some fantastically creative people, organizations and businesses. Here’s just a sample of some past and current clients:

Dance Artists/Companies:

Other Artists/Arts Organizations:

Feldenkrais Method® Trainers/Organizations:

Other Individuals/Businesses:


Artist Trust: 2003–2014

  • Created and implemented a communications strategy that reaches and attracts diverse constituents with distinct interests and differing needs.
  • Catapulted this non-profit organization into the e-stratosphere by launching and managing its Facebook and Twitter accounts and producing a bi-weekly e-newsletter with over 13,000 subscribers.
  • Led the re-imagination and redesign of their massive, award-winning website with two distinctive audiences.
  • Achieved media placement every month of 2012 to celebrate Artist Trust’s 25th anniversary.

Dance Art Group: 1994–2011

  • Produced the internationally-renowned, week-long Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (SFDI), with 200+ attendees from around the world, including master classes, performances and discussions with leading artists in the field.
  • Wrote successful operating and project grants from city, county and state governmental funders.
  • Achieved local and international media placement.

Contact Quarterly: 1999–2009

  • Designed (and covertly edited) this seminal magazine, in existence since 1975 with a worldwide subscriber base.

We also just can’t help ourselves, and have a few creative projects of our own, including:

Put A Plane On It: 2011-present

This pro-Seattle campaign attracted over 3,000 website hits the week it launched, attracting the attention of Crosscut, Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. In Spring 2013, Instagram made #WHPPutAPlaneOnIt their Weekend Hashtag Project, and The Museum of Flight is one of our biggest fans. Go Jet City!

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