Take It From Them

We’ve been lucky to work on some very cool projects with some fantastically creative people. They seemed to like us, too.

Thank you for all your support during my Kickstarter campaign. Knowing you are by my side goes such a long way with helping me stay grounded with so much happening around me! I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with you again! [Peggy Piacenza, choreographer]

Thanks for blessing us with your wisdom, humor and great information on communications! [Melissa Koch, “Social Media for Artists” workshop participant]

You have a demanding role…and you handle it with grace and patience…. making the seemingly impossible, possible; the possible, easy; and the easy, elegant. Thank you for all your support. [Duke Vivian, Feldenkrais Training Academy participant]

I want to thank you for the absolutely invaluable work you did as Production Coordinator for Open for Dancing. Using your skills in improvisation and your fearless aplomb, you [made] an entire festival out of conjecture and flexibility and a great sense or humor. All of us were consistently delighted and reassured by your cheerful ability to wrangle artists, charm helpers and conquer hurricanes.” [Dominique Alfandre, Former Executive Director, Island Moving Company]

Thank you for a wonderful “Online Marketing & Social Media” presentation. I honestly think it is the best synopsis I have heard in all the years I have done this! Accessible, non-terrifying for those who have little to no experience and very informative for all. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. [Barbara Jirsa, Owner, A la CART Arts Consulting]

I had the pleasure of working with Lila for 6½ years in her capacity as Artist Trust’s Communications Director. I found her to consistently be a joy to work with. She is highly reliable, super creative, totally au fait with all the new social media tools, efficient, effective—all the characteristics you’d want. [Fidelma McGinn, Vice-President, Philanthropic Services, The Seattle Foundation]

PRAISE for the brilliant and multitalented Lila Hurwitz. Lila is an extraordinarily keen writer and text editor; a fast, reliable, innovative graphic designer; a terrifically fun, funny, and productive collaborator; a crackerjack organizer. You can’t go wrong with Lila on your team. Definitely top draft pick. Lila is a gem. [Nancy Stark Smith, Editor, Contact Quarterly magazine]

Your presentation on social media was far and away the best I’ve heard–such a low-pressure, gentle nudge rather than a blaring “You’d better jump on this or else…” approach! [Steve Horn, Photographer, Pictures Without Borders: Bosnia Revisited]

Lila is an inspiration in her ability to organize creative and complex groups of people into a collective context. Her leadership is upbeat, articulate and inclusive. She is accountable to her responsibilities which supports the underlying structure essential to any project she undertakes. She works hard, enjoys her involvement and never loses sight of the larger purpose she is choosing to engage in. [Carol Swann, Co-Founder/Director, Moving On Center School of Participatory Arts & Somatic Education]

How you keep all those duckies lined up is a miracle to behold. Practice, I guess! Wow, though. [Carolyn Stuart, Dance Artist]

Lila has worked tirelessly, passionately and shrewdly to help create and sustain [Dance Art Group]. Lila brought decades of experience and a remarkably discerning sensibility to her work. [Stephanie Skura, Bessie Award-winning choreographer]

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