Coming Up! October 3 Workshop: Online Marketing & Social Networking for Bodyworkers

Save the date and register quick!

We’re excited to be teaching a workshop through CE Pulse on Online Marketing & Social Networking for Bodyworkers!

You’re a gifted bodyworker with so much to offer, but is your practice actually thriving? How do you draw new clients in? Are your repeat clients spreading the word about you via online social networking? As a bodyworker, you know the importance of in-person communication and word of mouth referrals. But these days, online life is real life – and it’s all about connecting and sharing. The Internet has changed everything, and fast. Can you believe Facebook is only eight years old? And did you know that 91% of your potential clients aged 30-49 years old are online every day?

As you have likely experienced, there are lots of online marketing tools out there to entice and overwhelm you: websites, blogs, email, and the most-used sites for direct social networking – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. In this class, we’ll define and categorize the online market, then we’ll tease out how, why and when to use each of these tools. After the basics are covered, we’ll hone in on what’s really important – your message – and will work together to set goals and develop an online marketing plan that’s tailored to you and your clients!

Click here to get more info and register now. And please spread the word!

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