Open for Dancing is a Wrap!

Redoubt 7568

Mary Sheldon Scott’s “Prelude/Circle/Passage” at Fort Adams’ recently uncovered Redoubt. photo: Thomas Palmer

We had a blast coordinating Island Moving Company’s 2017 Open for Dancing site-specific festival in Newport, RI. Thanks to choreographers Thom Dancy, Teresa Fellion, Mary Sheldon Scott, the artist-collaborators, all the participants, volunteers, site hosts, and IMC staff for making such a memorable and slightly insane week possible! (And thanks to Mother Nature for letting out the sun for the shows, after three days of rehearsing in a Tropical Storm!)

And thanks for this fantastic feedback from Dominique Alfandre, Executive Director of IMC: I want to thank you for the absolutely invaluable work you did… Using your skills in improvisation and your fearless aplomb, you [made] an entire festival out of conjecture and flexibility and a great sense or humor. All of us were consistently delighted and reassured by your cheerful ability to wrangle artists, charm helpers and conquer hurricanes.

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