Welcome to the Kelowna Feldenkrais® Teacher Training Program

We’re happy to welcome the Kelowna Feldenkrais Teacher Training Program as our newest client! If you’ve ever been curious about the Feldenkrais Method, check out their new training beginning March 2021.

“Life is a learning journey for us all—a process of finding what we do well and how we can build on that, challenging our assumptions and exploring new options and possibilities, as well as deeply exploring how we ‘get in the way’ of our learning… The Feldenkrais Method explores these questions through the medium of attending to our movement… We bring curiosity to the fore, and explore how we act in the world, on the world, and respond to the world we live in…deeply investigating one of the main premises of Moshe Feldenkrais’ teaching: ‘If you know what you are doing you can do what you want.'”

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