Systems, Structures, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Deborah Goffe and John Michael Winward at RDDI’s: New England Now‘s Professional Development Lab at Bates College this summer. photo: Jonathan Hsu, JHsu Media

D+B’s Lila Hurwitz will be co-facilitating a working session on Systems, Structures, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit as part of the Regional Dance Development Initiative (RDDI): New England Now’s Intersections Summit, September 29–October 2. Join us, it’s free!

The Intersections Summit is designed for and with the New England community to amplify the leadership that dance plays regionally alongside industries New England is known for, such as education, the sciences, and political and social organizing. The second of three interconnected components, this curated convening is also an opportunity to foster a culture of abundance through intentional sharing, learning, and community building that reimagines New England dance thriving.

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