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Rosy Simas on Using Dance to Unite Identity, Ancestry & Culture

Rosy Simas’ We Wait in the Darkness (2014). photo: Uche Iroegbu, courtesy of Intermedia Arts

Thanks to Dance Magazine for featuring Rosy Simas!

Creating is a spiritual act for me, rooted in natu­re, formed through my link to the ances­­tors and the land of which we are made. I weave cultural concepts with scientific and philosophical theories. My work unites themes of personal and collective identity with family, matriarchy, sovereignty, equality and healing that centers the voices of those who are Native, Indigenous, Black and People of Color.

Now Published: “The Feldenkrais Method® – Learning Through Movement”

Honored to have helped edit this new book, The Feldenkrais Method® – Learning Through Movement.

As well as providing an introduction to the Feldenkrais Method and its applications, a team of highly qualified contributors, representing a variety of therapeutic professions, explore how the Feldenkrais Method interacts with and supports other professions and modalities, including Pilates, yoga, dance, physical therapy, sports coaching, rehabilitation medicine, and more.